Aaron Cohen: New Music, Talk On Production, & What To Expect Next

On a beautiful night earlier this month, I was very fortunate to attend Aaron Cohen’s EP release party at Delicious Vinyl in Los Angeles. The Seattle native just came out with a 7-track EP titled Home Less and well, shit slaps! With production overseen by Kemal and features including Alexander Spit, Wati Heru, and Yung Joey, the dark and bunky vibes really keep a couple heads bumpin’–even a couple heads finding themselves connecting with Cohen’s lyricism. Reverbed background samples and eerie sounding keyboard melodies really work together to create an overall cohesive EP. I got to sit down with Aaron himself for a quick minute and ask him some questions on his experiences thus far, how the album came about, and what we can expect from him in the future! Check it out:

SG: So being brought up in Seattle, what influences growing up did you have that really inspired you to get into the rap game?

AC: I think the first single I ever bought was Tupac, Do For Love; and Brenda’s Got A Baby was the B-side. Then I got into Kanye, Eminem, Wu-Tang and everything, Dr. Dre Chronic 2001–y’know, when I was in my formative years. I think my vibe and sound is specific to Seattle in that I’m pretty low-key. You can see how I’m dressed, I’m not dressed like a typical rapper, I’m more grudge than into flashy shit.

SG: Yeah man I feel you. Music speaks for itself. Speaking of, “Keeping Score” is probably one of my favorite tracks on Home Less. Can you tell me about how the making of that particular song went?

AC: My producer made the beat and like five minutes later we had the hook. That wasn’t something I like, thought about, it just musically came out. The chorus came immediately, and then I remember the next day, my producer had to go to the bank.

SG: And you already had it done by the time you came back? 

AC: Yeah, well he was doing his bank shit and I had my headphones on sitting there like crazy person at Chase. I wrote the verse there and we went back and did it.

SG: So you wrote the verse in the bank!! 

AC: Yeah exactly, haha.

(This is the track I was referring to. Check out the entire EP here.)

SG: Early this year you did a tour in France. How was that? 

AC: It was really dope, we went to five cities in France. I was opening up for Smoke DZA. It’s just crazy, the love out there is real–I really love the vibe.

SG: Yeah, they have a real prominent Hip-Hop community over there. 

AC: Yeah, especially the underground. They’re really invested in that. They find what they like on the internet and really embrace it.

SG: So what else should we expect from you in the near future? 

I’ll be making tons more music. Not titled or anything yet. And y’know, doing a lot of shows, I’m going on tour. We’re working on it. I’m gonna be in Phoenix, Reno, Riverside, Santa Cruz, and Sacramento. Should be fun!


You can find more info on Home Less or to see what he’s all about (as if you haven’t learned so much already…) at http://www.aaroncohenmusic.com/


Jun 24 – Phoenix, AZ @ Club Red

Jun 25 – Riverside, CA @ Mission Tobbaco Lounge

Jun 26 – Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst (Atrium)

Jun 27 – Sacramento, CA @ The Boardwalk

Jun 28 – Reno, NV @ Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor

The full EP is on Soundcloud or you can also purchase it on iTunes here.